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Motor AK-8080 firmware problem

Dear mybotshop,
I am writing to inform you that I am having problems with the firmware update. I own an ak-8080 kv100 engine (picture attached). The problem is that once the update has been carried out using the st-link utility software, and the update is successful, connecting the motor via USB to the PC does not get detected by CubeMarsTools and therefore I cannot configure it. How can I solve this problem? Could it be a firmware problem? If so, I would ask you to email me the correct firmware file, like shown in the picture attached (firmware_file_ak60) but for my motor model.




Dear Mik,

thanks for your topic.

@Zainroid @Joy Do you have any suggestions?

which version of CuebMars Tool are you using?

I’m usign CubeMarstTool v1.3

Hi Mik,

Try connecting with any serial app such as putty, You can also follow instructions here Cubemars Ak60-6 not detected by Cubemars upper program - Actuators - Robot Forum | MYBOTSHOP.

With the following file: CMESC_MIT_APP_AK80_64_0927.bin, the output with teraterm TV is badly formatted, instead when the following firmware: AK80_80_V1.1-20201019001.hex is flashed, no output comes out both in Tera term and in CubeMars, maybe the following file is broken like in this post: Cubemars AK60-6 not responding


Hi Mik
Could you show what version of the driver board on the motor? You can remove the encoder cap and have a pic of the driver board.
Could you scan the barcode on the driver cap? so we can know which batch of the motor is.
Then we can find the correct firmware for you.

Hi Darrell,
the version of the driver board on the motor is: AK-DRV-v2.0
the number referring to the barcode on the driver cap: 10880210916

Hi Mik
Pls get the firmware from the link CMESC_MIT_APP_AK80_64_0124.bin - Google Drive
We only have the MIT mode for the AK80-80 motor. So you can only run it under MIT control.

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