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Cubemars AK60-6 not responding


so we bought a Cubemars AK60-6 motor and wanted to try it out. We connected it to a standard 24V power supply, hooked up the R-Link and saw it in the CubeMaker Tool. After that we wanted to switch to the servo mode since that is the mode we want to use in our project, the motor never switched modes. (We just clicked on Servo App) After approx. 10 min of nothing happening, we decided to restart the motor by unplugging its power. Unfortunately the motor doesn’t show up in R-Link anymore and doesn’t send anything in its UART Bus. The STM32 is still alive and can be accessed via ST-Link but flashing the Image provided here:
doesn’t help.
We suspect that while changing the app something lost connection or bugged out and therefore corrupted the data. (Flash Memory from 0x080001c0 up to 0x08003FFF was completely wiped and emptybefore flashing the new image). We are using Win11 Pro Insider Build 22557, an R-Link V2, AK60-6 24V a knock off ST-Link V2 and a MEANWELL UHP-750-24 power supply.

Does anyone have an idea what to do and or has a usable firmware file for hardware revision 2.1?

Thanks in advance.

If anyone wants to take a look at the contents of flash we took a dump before flashing:

HI @WidosFTW,

thanks for opening an issue and posting all the details!

I think I have found the issue but unfortunately I don’t have a solution. From my perspective the purchased AK60-6 is not designed to perfom servo mode yet - It can only be used in MIT mode.

Furthermore I have still uploaded a new Version of the AK Firmware flash Guide which can be downloaded HERE and the needed hex files to recover the firmare HERE

Sorry for it!

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Don’t Worry, as least it works in MIT Mode, which is still usable in our case. Fortunately flashing worked fine, so no harm done.

Thanks for the help.

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