[Clearpath Husky] Ouster Lidar positioning issues


I’m completely new in ROS and Lidar configurations, and after trying to follow this topic I tried to set up the map-based navigation.

However, while mapping for a few minutes, it starts to appear as if the data is overlapping with each other, as if it doesn’t have enough reference points to realize that it’s still standing still.

I’m running the basic configuration from how we got the outdoor Husky a200 from mybotshop, I don’t know if there’s any other data required for you guys, but please let me know.

Dear @kgalama,

Please record the screen when performing SLAM and the behavior and post it here so that we can get a better idea of what the issue is and hopefully resolve it!

Will do!
In the meantime, I haven’t checked yet if it’s the case, but have you ever encountered the issue where the desktop environment wont load?
I’ve had that happen last week and havent touched the robot since, even though the terminal can be logged into just fine, it wont let me log in at the linux desktop side.

Any ideas?

This might be that the screen goes to sleep. Once connected try tapping enter and it should take it out of sleep mode. It can be disabled normally via the display settings.

Sorry, I mean that when the pc first boots, I try to log in, enter the password for Administrator, it goes grey for a bit and then just boots me back to the login screen, it’s not going to sleep at any point.

Are you entering the correct password, it usually is:


no, we’ve changed the password, if I enter an incorrect password, it will tell me it’s incorrect.
If I press CTRL + Shift + F3 or whatever the combination was, it puts me in terminal and I can verify that the password works.

Dear Kgalama,

thanks for your topic - Could you please send me the Husky S/N, order ID etc. so we can check which Config you have purchased and we can look further into it? Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I didn’t specifically order the husky, we just have it stored here while i play around with it. Where can i find the S/N, I’ll ask the project-responsible people tomorrow as well.

The S/N is written on a small sticker on the robot - or you can login via SSH and find it there.

oh! it’s a200-1039

Thank you very much!

@Sohail it is Husky + Fixposition & Ouster (AU20241310) please advice!

We are still waiting for the recordings to help solve the issue. Most likely the IMU is drifting and you need to update EKF with a threshold. Once we see the issue we can provide step by step on what to do.

I have made the screen recording while performing SLAM, how would you like me to deliver this to you?

Please either email support@mybotshop.de or simply upload here directly via link and/or media

Here’s the screencast, it was just too big to upload so i’ve used wetransfer.
Seems lke the husky is constantly rotating until i tell it to rotate with the joystick.

@kgalama In the first few seconds of the video, are you moving the robot in rviz or is it moving itself.

the first few seconds while it’s spinning in a circle is all Husky’s doing. It’s physically not moving, and i’m not controlling it with the joysticks. When it actually starts moving rather than just rotating is when i’m moving it with the joysticks.

Dear @kgalama,

It seems the issue is from the IMU. Please try the following:

ros2 service call /a200_1039/imu/calibrate std_srvs/srv/Empty {}

In RViz2 check when no commands are given to the Husky

  1. If the robot is moving erratically as in the video.
  2. If the robot is moving at all in any orientation for at least 2 minutes.

If it still moving please open the top panel of the Husky and check if the phidgets has been moved, it looks like this and should be fixed next to the MCU. It might be that the physical IMU has shifted from its original position during transportation.


If the issue 1 is resolved but the robot is moving slightly over time i.e. point 2 I will further instruct on how to resolve the issue.

I’ll check right away, but I currently have the issue where i cannot unlock the desktop environment again like a few comments ago.
rebooting it seemed to fix it since last time, and when i enter an incorrect password it tells me it’s incorrect. any ideas, while i reboot?