[Unitree B1] with Robosense helios lidar

We have added Robosense helios lidar to B1. We didn’t found any information resources for the navigation for B1. How can we integrate this lidar with B1? Our goal is to enable the obstacle avoidance for B1. So far we are able to visualize the lidar data on RVIZ. We installed ROS melodic in the main pc of B1 and with the help of robosense lidar’s ros sdk we were able to visualize the data.
Can anyone please help us for obstacle avoidance in B1.

Dear @bishu,

Are you using the qre_b1 repo. It should have the required navigation files. You would just require to run the helios driver and replace the topic names in the b1_navigation package to enable obstacle avoidance in the navigation parameters file to make it run.

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No we are not using any navigation repo now. Infact we don’t know if anything like that exist. We were just using robosense sdk for visualization for now but haven’t done anything to combine it with B1. The repo link you mention in your reply didn’t open.
email: khanalbishwatma123@gmail.com
github: bishwatma7

Dera @bishu

You have been added to our GitHub repository. Please accept the join request sent to you on your email linked to your GitHub account.

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Thank you for the repo. We changed the topic name in launch and include directories which were under b1_navigation.
But we are not able to see the map in rviz. We have try this gmapping launch file after we changed the topic name to our lidar topic.
It is complaining about the frame id, and saying that the tf data is missing. Lidar data is being published on this rslidar frame id, but the tf data does not get published on that frame id, so whenever we run the gmapping launch file this error shows up:
Terminal (gmapping): Imgur: The magic of the Internet
RViz: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Tf data monitor: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Also, we noticed your repo is for ROS noetic, but our robot has ROS melodic. Could that be a potential issue also?
Thanks for the help!

It seems the the URDF of the Helio in your B1 might not have the exact link name as to which is being published. Please check if there is a link name called rslidar in your B1 urdf.

In this case it is not!

We didn’t have anything like like name configured in b1 urdf for helios lidar. After you mention about the link name, we added these things to b1.urdf and robot.xacro which were under config file of b1_description. We are still getting the same error. Could you please mention if this is what you meant to be edited or are there some other files which needed to be configured?

Dear @bishu,

You need to do the change only in the robot.xacro. The file in here as incorrect joint tags. The second image is correct though.

Another temporary way to test is by adding a static transform via cli:

rosrun tf2_ros static_transform_publisher 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 base_link rslidar
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