[Unitree B1] camera accesing and video streaming

I want to access Unitree B1 dog robots camera from my own pc.
I understood that:

  • I can access user computer with ssh (ssh unitree@ this is main hotspot connection.
  • Then it has 3 nvidia jetson xavier nx. with using second ssh we can access them too.
  • There are 5 depth camera and nvidia xavier sends camera video stream using docker.
    But I can’t get video streams.
    How can we get video streams from B1’s cameras to my laptop?
    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks, Osman

Dear @osmant,

You can access the stream in one of two ways. One is to switch off the driver on the Nvidia, run the driver manually from the realsense SDK and then access it via either TCP and/or the ROS driver. This option is the best if you plan to access more than the camera stream and want to configure the different camera parameters. Unfortunately, there is no unified easy guide to do this but the good news is that it is not difficult to do so.

Option 2 is to simply get the port of the camera stream and use that for your processing needs.

Thank you for quick reply.
We decided to try first way. Which driver should we switch off? There are docker containers for camera.

Dear @osmant,

I do not remember the procedure exactly but it should be similar to Unitree GO1 given in the qre_go1. If you do not have access, please send an email to support@mybotshop.de and we will provide.