[Unitree A1] pc connect with a1

Hi I couldn’t find the ip and when I connect the hdmi to robot the rear side, the screen is on but when I connect to the front side, I couldn’t see anything on the screen. And when I plugged in ethernet cable , ip192.168.123.161(main pc) could ping but couldn’t do. I think the board pi(front side) has some issue… In that case, is there any good solution to solve this problem? Do I have to change the Pi?

Dear @dongjukim,

The A1 has different IP for different versions so I cannot confirm if would be available. As for the screen, the HDMI has to be connected before power on the robot to see the screen.

For finding the ip, please ssh into any one of the A1’s pc and use nmap command to find the ips of the rest.

Yes I connected hdmi and then, powered the robot.But it didn’t work connecting hmid to the front.
At first I would do nmap -sP But Now, I couldn’t update the packages since internet ping is not working.
Actually I asked you a question [Unitree A1] failed sudo apt-get update
I try to fix the problem and then I will ask a question again…