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T-Motor AK60 problems in series

Hi! I purchased 6 t-motor (cube Mars) AK60 KV80 motors. I have a developer that makes a software to control them in a series. The problem arises when 3 or more are in a series. When the script is activated and the mmotors are running, sooner or later one motor goes beserc, vibrate violently and the yellow light is off (no communication). Sometimes the motor tha is last in the series, sometime the first in the series. I have a 120 Ohm resitor in the end and the developer says there is a 120 ohm in the transciever.

Cables come from the box. Connections have been check over and over. Tmotot support says check wires, check wires, that all they have to say. Any suggestins? The develpor is working remotely. problem is persting for weeks.

Dear @BobbyAI,

thanks for your message.

May you can post your code and a shematic how you are wiring and controlling the motors?
Could you please run this example and post the output here? Testing Cubemars AK60-6 motor using arduino

Here is a video of them. 20220621_123802.mp4 - Google Drive


thanks for the Video. May you can tell us something about the used hardware and software?

@Joy, may you have already an suggestion?

Rpi, and PI-CAN, motors are V1.1

I am giving up on these motors. I will buy other type. I would not recomend these. Thousand of dollars in 8 motors and thousands in developer fee and neither T-motor or developer can solve. So I give up. To much issues from the beginning and I still end up with something I cannot use.

Dont buy these. A lottery I guess.

I’m very sorry to read you are not satisfied with the motors - Nevertheless we will do our best to support you as good as possible!

May you can tell us your order ID etc. so we can check which batch you are having?

Moreover do you have a logic analyzer / oscilloscope to check the traffic? Usually for robots / high datarates we are using 1 CAN Bus for 3-4 Motors - May you need a second CAN Bus on your shield?

Dear Bobby, this is Joy of T-MOTOR/CubeMars, sorry for the not well experience on these motors, but we still want to help you out.

According to your video and text description, 3 or more pcs of AK60-6 V1.1 in series will show a violent vibration. What we want to know is whether this “third” motor causing the problem occurs randomly or it happens regardless of which motor is added? We need to rule out whether it is a single motor or a series code that is causing the problem.

Also, you said violent vibration, according to your video we hear a noise but do not see abnormal vibration, can you give us this video clip to analyze?

If there is a problem with the motor itself we will solve it for you; if it is caused by the code, we can further find a solution.

Again, sorry for the related problems, you can communicate further through our email

Same thing if we used 4 motors. Then 2 motors went beserc. It has beem 3 months now. Totaly destroyed this projects deadline so we hade no choice but switch to another motor. A bit late to try support me 3 months later.

I ran into this problem on AK10-9 v1.1 and AK70-10 engines. The error also appears when connecting more than 3 motors per bus. For example, 12 motors were connected to 1 can bus for every 3 motors. As a result, after giving some command, a random engine accepts the command and turns off. When you try to turn it on, it starts to emit a loud and nasty squeak. Do you have any ideas? The theme is old. but maybe someone has learned to treat it during this time…

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