ZED2i camera returns wrong IMU data


We have noticed with the ZED2i that the IMU data is not correct. The camera is registering motion even though the camera is not moving. We have checked it with our ZED2. Everything is fine with it.

The camera keeps registering that it is moving in the plane with a lot of angular acceleration. which causes any generated map to be false.

To reproduce the problem:

This can be simply done by accessing the ZED SDK Examples and accessing the example for:

The problem is also very obvious when trying to map the surroundings using the camera with RTAB-map

This also can be done by running opening a new terminal and running:

$ roscore

and in a new terminal:

$ source /catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash


$ roslaunch zed_rtabmap_example zed_rtabmap.launch

Kindly find attached the two screenshots after testing the same software setup with the 2 different cameras (one of them is known to be working fine)

First screenshot is from the working camera:

2nd screenshot from our ZED 2i:

We are suspecting a hardware malfunction, I am open to possible solutions and suggestions.

Kind Regards
Mohamed Elnaggar

Hi Mohamed,

the IMU probably lost calibration (maybe because of a shock).
The calibration can be recovered by putting the camera on a stable surface (better the floor than a table/desk) and starting the ZED Calibration tool from the command line with the option --calib-imu .
You can read more on our forum:


I ran the calibration tool with the specified parameters, did not solve the issue, it still rotates, also the camera is brand new so it did not have any kind of shocks.

I think we need to replace it because from what I am seeing looks like it is faulty hardware.

kind regards

ps here is the recorded sensor data