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Update L12 30PT 10

Ein upload für den L12 zu machen geht nicht es wird keine txt datei geladen. Kann bei dem L12 eine Kraftbegrenzung eingeschaltet werden für was ist goal speed und goal current. Gruß Michael


Thank you for using mightyZAP. This is Daniel Hwang from IR Robot, the manufacturer of mightyZAP.

  1. Please let me have a screenshot for the screen showing ID and model number. Something will be shown there. You can check the location of this window on the attached photo.
    manager software id_model name

  2. Please note that L12-30PT-10 does not support “Goal speed” and “Goal current” parameters as those functions are available in the new force control lineup - 12Lf-27PT-90.

  1. you need to use TTL communication (NOT PWM) to use these parameters. You can adjust speed and force. (force adjustment by goal current parameter)
  2. Stroke of 12Lf-27PT-90(90mm) is a bit shorter than L12-30PT-10 (96mm), but Body size is exactly same.
  3. Rated load of 12Lf-27PT-90(27N) is a bit lower than L12-30PT-10 (31N).

Anyway, please let me have a screenshot for ID & model name window. We will let you know the check point based on your information.

For more timely communication, it would be better for you to send your message to

Thank you.

Daniel Hwang
IR Robot.

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