[Unitree Go2] Unable to connect to Go2 with ssh

I cannot login to ssh -X unitree@192 .168.123.18 with password 123. I got the following password from previous topics for Go1. Could you please guide how to find the correct password?

Deat @Gholib,

How are you trying to connect to the Go2. Via WiFi or LAN. Also the command has a space after 192, there should be no space in the command.

Thanks for responding. I am trying to connect via WiFi. The space after 192 was my typo while writing this message (sorry for confusing).

Are you using an external WiFi USB stick?

Hello, I managed to connect. Thank you!

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Hello Gholib,

i currently have the same problem as you mentioned. I can ping the Go2 and also can connect per ssh but I always get an error for the password. I have simply no clue, what the problem could be, because i never changed the password. I would be delighted if you could help me out.

It worked for me, when I kept the Ethernet cable connected to my PC and Go2. I couldn’t do it entirely wireless. (I assume, we can’t do it this without Ethernet cable)