[Unitree Go2] Connect to Go2 wirelessly in ros2 foxy

Hi there, I would like to connect to go2 and perform the teleop, rviz tasks in Documentation which is with Ethernet but by Wireless network. Could you please guide?

Dear Gholib,

To perform teleop and Rviz via WiFi, we would recommend adding a USB wifi dongle with a powerful hotspot and configuring it as mentioned in the github documentation. From there you can directly ssh and teleop and visualize RVIZ and/or directly use teleop on your own PC that is connected to it.

Is there a compabilty list of wireless USB Dongles?
We tryed it with a Realtek RTL88x2bu whitch isn’t working because own kernel modules has to be compiled.
Take a look @ GitHub - RinCat/RTL88x2BU-Linux-Driver: Realtek RTL88x2BU WiFi USB Driver for Linux, on Ubuntu 20.xx with the original kernel module from the Jetson for the RTL88x2bu Chipset, the Dongle shows only up as an CD-Rom drive but not as a Wireles USB Dongle.
Or could somebody with a kernel toolchain for the Jetson be so kind and can compile and upload some to the kernel matching and working kernel modules for the RTL88x2BU Chipset? Its a cheap up to AC-Mode WLAN USB Chipset that can be found in many modern Wireless USB Dongles.

If somebody teaches me in how to setup the kernel toolchain for the jetson on the go2, i’d like to try to get the divers *.ko done and upload them.

You can definitely have it working with some old USB WiFi dongle. I had it up and running without any effort with one based on the Realtek RTL8188CUS (the loaded driver is the rtl8192cu.

Dear @Byteeater,

A USB dongle that works off the bat for the Unitree GO2 PC that we usually use is:


Keep in mind that it does not have a lot of data transfer rate and is not ideal for Rviz. You may look for more powerful options as well!

The lag of performance of the n-draft chipset is the reason why i’m trying to get some wifi 5 or wifi 6 capable usb dongle to work.
According to USB-WiFi/home/USB_WiFi_Adapters_that_are_supported_with_Linux_in-kernel_drivers.md at main · morrownr/USB-WiFi · GitHub it does not look verry nice on ubuntu 20 so the only chance to get more that n-draft working ist to get the rtl88x2bu driver compiled for the jetson

Some coffee(s) later, i’ll got the kernel toolchain up.
But, now i need the to the unitree go2 jetson belonging kernel config and the matching *.dts files.
Has anybody information where to get those files?

Are you sure they compiled a custom version of the kernel and are not running the default one from Jetpack 5.x?

not shure, but will give it a try after the weekend ( the go2 is sitting in the office ).

I had to say “maybe” for the same reason. If you don’t find it before (please confirm if you do), I’ll verify as soon as I’ll be back at the office.