[Unitree GO1] Very slow feedback rate

Hello everyone,

I want to control the GO1 Edu with low-level, by sending only torque commands, i.e., with Kp=Kd=0.
The problem is that such control required high frequency position and velocity feedback (>1000 Hz), but the Go1 is giving me /low_state feedback at only 30-80 Hz (inconsistent between boots). Is there any way to solve this issue? no proper control can be done at this rate.

Thank you!

Dear @Rob,

Are you communicating with the GO1 via Ethernet or WiFi or directly onboard?

Hello Sohail,

I am communicating with Ethernet, but the problem is not communication rate since I do receive messages at 500 Hz by tuning some things, but the messages are just the same repeated many times. The robot does not seem to send its actual state at 500 Hz but just measure, repeat the same state 10 times and then remeasure etc…
And this behavior doesn’t enable any feedback-based control.

Have you tried running it directly on the GO1

No I haven’t yet, but if the message is repeated several times that might mean a deeper issue than just communication, like firmware design doesn’t it?

You maybe correct but I suspect that the last values are shown as the connection is not fast enough. You can check it out in the source file here.