[Unitree Go1] Unable to connect to nano1

I have a problem with nano1. I am unable to consistent connect to it. It works normally once every many robot restarts(30-40). I am unable to ping it or to ssh into it.

I dont have problems with nano2 or nano3. They work every time and I am able to use them normally.

Is there any idea what could be a cause of it.

Dear @PiotrKlima,

Could you check that every time the robot starts up, you can view all the camera streams through the GO1 app. If so, it means that there are probably some network issues in the nano 1. Additionally, please try check the nano1 PC with the HDMI as each port corresponds to one of the nanos.

Hey @Sohail

I can connect to other nanos without problem with hdmi/ping them or ssh and I get camera feed from them.

I am not able to ping head nano and I dont get camera stream from it.

What is the result of plugging in an HDMI, is the screen visible?

Yes, it is visible and full operational.

What is the IP of the nano, is it static or dynamic? You can use this command to find the IP




for the connection type

We have the same problem. In our case, it was a hardware failure of the head’s nano. The PCI interface on Nano completely failed. Replace of the nano board is required.

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