[Unitree Go1] Thermal shutdown

A few weeks ago I had first thermal shutdowns with my GO1 pro. The outside temperature was 27 degree Celsius, first shutdown within the use of the first battery pack, second and third within the second battery pack on my way back. The payload was between 1,5 and 2 kg, speed was constantly walking, total time near one and a half hour.
The second thermal shutdown I had was with outside temperature of 18 degree Celsius, within the use of the second battery pack.
After each shutdown the robot dog couldn’t stand up anymore, it has to be powered off, wait 15 to 30 minutes to cool down, and then to be started again.

Dear @Lasca,

I’ll check with the manufacturers and get back to you!

Dear @Lasca,

Their reply:

it looks like the calf motor of rear right leg should be the problem, may i know the position of the payload? When loading the payload, it is best to ensure that its center of gravity remains in the center position of the robot.

The center of the payload, 1.5 kg, should not be able to change the position of, point and tractor of gravity, as much as needed to cause the malefunktion of the RR motor. It was first positioned on center top of the robot with 0.5 kg and later with additional less than one kg on center of the belly, for gravity point stability of the robot.

for go 1 actually it did change the position of point and tractor of gravity if the payload is not on the middle position. you can try to move forward a little bit to test