[Unitree Go1] Testing the inbuild Follow Me feature

Hello Team,

I have started working on the Go1 and started with the follow me feature.
I was able to activate it and test it. But the results are not very satisfying. (I have video recordings, but unable to upload here)

Few results :

  • Even if I am not moving (tag at fixed position), the robot is not standing still
  • While walking straight, the dog is not perfectly walking in a straight manner
  • Few occasions, the dog was not able to follow me while making a turn. ( Noticed at left turn)
  • Speed of robot is also not uniform.
  • It was not able to avoid obstacles.

Could you give a feedback on this. I have to evaluate the current performance, so I can start with my project. I want to clarify what is the expected performance, I am doing it right…

Thank you,

Dear @Vishnu,

Could you please upload the video to a cloud storage and hyperlink it here so that we can verify it.

The default follow-me and obstacle avoidance of the Unitree Go1 is known to not be very good although the newer variation Go2 is better, however, still, then it is not perfect and we ourselves usually recommend those who can develop to integrate ROS and use self-built packages as they would probably work much better (as it would be done for a specific use case) and would not be too difficult to develop.

We need to see either a video or have some pictures to verify.

S. O. Sohail

Hello Sohail,

Here is the link to the video. Let me know if you are unable to access it.