[Unitree Go1] State publisher joint state message missing

Hi guys,
when I connect via lan cable I get this warning message which is a problem, because It’s not receiving commands anymore to walk or move. When I use the Go1 hotspot it works fine tho.
I have no clue what I did wrong because it has worked before and the network settings should be good too.

Dear Kenneth,

Please check if you have:

  • Have setup the static IP correctly on your PC
  • Have changed the configuration of the launch file to lan
  • Are able to ping the GO1’s main PC

Hi Sohail,

I have set the ip to and the subnet is
I have not changed the launch file, but I can ping the pi still.

Please update the launch file, instructions are within the launch file:

I have not changed anything in the base.launch, but I updated it to be sure. I’m still having the same problem however.

The LAN option will not work if you do not update the launch. Please change the target ip to for LAN.

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