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[UNITREE GO1] Software guide

Hello again!

I am currently trying to set up our new Go1 to control it via ROS.

Since there is currently no Go1 Software Guide, that I’m aware of, I am using the A1 Software Guide instead.

I think I’ve compiled everything needed (unitree_legged_sdk, unitree_ros, unitree_ros_to_real) for the Go1 but not all mentioned packages or nodes are part of the newer versions of the unitree repositories or got at least a new name.

My plan was to start with the control examples (4.4.2) from the A1 Software Guide:

  • I guess the executed sdk_lcm_server_low is now just called lcm_server and can be started via the launch file real.launch, no problem here.
  • I’m also assuming that the a1_real position_lcm_publisher is now part of the unitree_legged_real package and called position_lcm.
    But since I want to control it via highlevel commands, I’d guess to execute walk_lcm.

But that is where the instructions end.

So my questions are the following:

  1. Are my assumptions correct?
  2. Do I need to reconfigure the ip-addresses in the SDK since the there stated address is but the Go1 uses the Network.
  3. Is anything else needed to control the Robot in HighLevel-Mode?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jgrube,

Currently, we are working on providing an installation script for GO1 which will be updated on the documentation.

The SDK of GO1 is quite different from A1 as in different versions require different SDKs due to firmware changes. For installation instructions please follow the documentation and currently for software installation please follow this video.

  1. Yes, it seems so.
  2. The SDK should already have the new network as unitree_legged_sdk_v3.5+ are made specifically for the newer GO1 versions. So you may not need to reconfigure as they are pre-configured!
  3. No, that should be good but if things do not work follow the above-hyperlinked video for debugging.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!
I wasn’t aware of these videos

Have a nice weekend!

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