[Unitree Go1] Slack Channel?

Hello, I just got my Go1 and I want to join the Slack channel, but all the invite links are expired. Can someone please send a valid link? Thank you!

Dear @dwight

At present, we lack a dedicated Slack channel for Go1. Instead, we maintain a Go1 repository where you can raise any questions or problems regarding the robot by creating an issue topic. However, access to the repository is restricted to customers who have purchased the robot from Mybotshop.

I am referring to this Slack channel: https://robotdogs.slack.com/, I have seen invite links posted in this forum as well as different Git repositories, etc. It might not be dedicated entirely to Go1, but I know the Go1 is discussed there.

The Slack channel you’re referring to isn’t ours; it belongs to the community.Please note that to stay/access that channel, you need to either actively participate or make a donation.