[Unitree Go1] Rollback to factory settings

So, I have a robot that’s being shared with a lot of people in my university, that’s probably the reason why the robot doesn’t start any node.

I want to go back to the factory settings in the raspberry pi and the jetson boards (boards for the cameras).

Also, we didn’t buy this robot from here, it was directly from Unitree.

Dear @nicolas,

We recommend trying to mend and reconfigure as usually our clients that try to reset to factory settings face alot of issues, and it ends up that the go1 is unable to move.

The image for pi is already available if you can go through the previous posts, however, we do not have a backup for the Nvidias, as over time the go1s have had different images both for pi and Nvidia.

Again, I would recommend understanding and modify the existing go1 packages that is in your robot although it would take time, it would prevent ptential bricking of the go1.

S. O. Sohail