[Unitree Go1] robot is not standing up anymore [Troubleshooting Guide]

What to do if the quadruped robot is not standing up anymore?

  1. Please check if the battery is fully charged?
  2. Check each leg/motor if you hear/feel any strange sound/behaviour? For doing so move each leg like shown below:


Do you feel/hear some strange sound/movement? Please contact us!

If not, please check your WiFi and login to your robot:

Password: 00000000

After that please click on “Status” and check if all motors are having a temperature

If one motor is not having a temperature may it is fault or just a cable is broken

Robot gets up, connects, can be controlled, but the terminal shows just gray main board items, and no data is shown from the robot. App does not work as well. This is a bug and there should be a way to reset the robot.