[Unitree Go1] Request for Access to ROS wrapper Repository for Unitree Go1

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a project with the Unitree Go1 Edu.

I need to integrate it with an RP Lidar for autonomous navigation and came across your ROS wrapper at GO1 Quadruped Tutorials — GO1 Tutorials 1.0.0 documentation. It looks like exactly what I need, but I noticed it’s private.

Could I possibly get access to it? The official Unitree repo is a bit limited for my needs. Your stack seems to have the comprehensive data (like /odom, /tf, /imu …) that I’m missing. I want to do all this stuff using an external pc connected with WLAN/LAN to the robot.

I’ve already joined your forum and am keen to explore how your work can help with my project. Let me know if there’s any process or info you need from me for access.

My github account is: adamzr2000

Thanks a lot for considering my request!