[Unitree Go1 Pro] Not working after package update in Go1

We recently purchased a Unitree Go1 pro. For SDK development, we downloaded the package update file [Go1_2022_05_11_e0d0e617.zip] from the official website and proceeded to update the package as per the procedure. Download Center - Unitree

After updated package, we turn off Go1 pwoer and restart the Go1 again but Go1 did not standing mode.

  • After Go1’s self-test, the white LED flashes on its shoulder, but it won’t stand.
  • The controller only flashes the light for BT, no LED for DL.
  • However, if I press the L2+A buttons, it goes into standing mode but doesn’t move, and if I press any other button, Go1 loses its center and falls over.

We haven’t done any firmware on the Go1 because I don’t have a file, but we tried to do something, but the “aftp” transfer wouldn’t work.

We’d like to try and fix the Go1, the hardware seems to be fine, it’s just not working after a software update.

Thank you

Dear @unerue,

As mentioned in our docs, one should not at all update the firmware of the GO1 as it can brick the GO1 unless instructed by our team or the manufacturers as the GO1 software are tied to specific hardware. Each GO1 has a specific hardware and software version for its production batch.

Furthermore, the GO1 Pro does not support or provide SDK (unless its hacked), so the firmware which you have uploaded is probably for the GO1 EDU version which has been locked by the manufacturers to not work with the air or pro version.

Currently, I would suggest to revert to the old GO1 Firmware which was installed. If you do not have it, you can check out the GO1 community channel firmware section to get your GO1’s firmware.