[Unitree Go1] Nodes not being created on startup

Hello, i recently started working with this robot in my university (other people used it before me).

My project is about creating a 3d map of the robots environment, so i need the face pointcloud (/camera1/point_cloud_face) and the odometry (position + rotation).

The problem im facing is that the robot is not publishing any topic or node besides /camera1, /camera3 and /camera4.


The best solution would be go back to the factory settings, but my project needs to be finished for the end of february, so im thinking on finding the file that brings up all the position and rotation related nodes and maybe running that file manually.

Dear Nicolas,

You can use the qre_go1 to launch the go1_bringup bringup.launch to gain access to odometric information that includes rotation and position information.

Dear Sohail,

Whats the qre_go1? and also do you know something to gain access to /tf topic?

If qre_go1 its something related to buying the robot though mybotshop, then maybe this robot doesnt have it, cause im pretty sure that this robot was bought directly with unitree.

Dear @nicolas,

Yes, it is related to the purchase of go1 from us. However, please send an email to support@mybotshop.de and perhaps we can do something about your case.