[Unitree Go1] Launch real robot with RVIZ


How can I launch RVIZ with the real robot and see it move within RVIZ as I command it with the keyboard?


The command is

rosrun rviz rviz

Perhaps you can specify which robot you are asking about?

I am using unitree Go1 Quadruped. I am following the instructions mentioned in https://github.com/unitreerobotics/unitree_ros_to_real

When I try to launch roslaunch unitree_legged_real keyboard_control.launch , I can only see /high_state and /cmd_vel being published. How can I view the Quadruped moving in RVIZ?

Hi @vchint6, You can send an email of your Github username and purchase order to support@mbs.de and we can provide the software that will enable the visualization of the current state of the GO1 as well as some other basic ROS features. The unitree legged sdk itself are missing these features.