[Unitree Go1] Joint States

Hi is there any topic which publishes the joint velocities, joint accelerations ?
I had checked this topic “/joint_states” where I am able to see the joint positions but the velocity component is always showing 0’s.

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Anudeep Sajja

Dear @Anudeep,

The joint states for the GO1 are computed based on inverse kinematics of the foot position and body position. You can take the derivative and obtain the velocity from the code if you require.

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Hi Sohail,

Thanks for the reply, can i change the frequency of the topic that is being published in High Level ??
i can see that the following topic is being published at 50Hz “go1_controller/state” I had checked with the following command ‘rostopic hz /go1_controller/state’. i would like to change the frequency of it, is it possible to update or do I need to switch to low level?

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Anudeep Sajja

It can be updated to go faster!

could you help me of where I can change the freq of this particular topic ‘/go1_controller/state’, should I search for ros::Rate ??

It should be in go1_base.

okay thanks, I will check that