[Unitree Go1 edu] Not working after package update

I downloaded the package update for the Unitree go1 edu robot from the official Unitree site and I followed the instructions as followed. This was the package update file Go1_2022_05_11_e0d0e617.zip.

After this update the robot no longer stands upon start up and I am not sure why. I heard that the go1 pro can sometimes brick up if downloading package updates, but this is the edu model so I am not sure why this is happening

Dear @ranbot,

As mentioned in our Quadruped Docs. We recommend to never update the firmware of GO1 unless instructed by us or directly by a Unitree employee as it can brick the system of the GO1.

The only way to renable GO1 is to flash the old firmware back or a compatible firmware. Hopefully, you have the firmware backed-up before flashing otherwise you would have to search for the compatible versions of firmware which you should be able to find in third party websites. We ourselves do not have all the firmware as there are several versions available and would recommend identifying your previous firmware version and reflashing!

Hi Sohail,

Thank you for your response, this was extremely helpful. Unfortunately I don’t have the firmware backed up however I do have Unitree employee contacts that should be able to help me with this. Meanwhile I await their response, would you be able to direct me to any reliable third party websites that may have the compatible firmware? I just don’t want to stumble upon a site that could contain malware or anything


This is the repo of a Unitree developer, in it is mentioned a slack group which have a backup for most of the go1 firmware. You can join the group i.e. dogpound channel in slack and request the firmware from there, though you may have to email the owner of the channel for access as I cannot recall his email myself.