[Unitree Go1] edu Malfuntioning after firmware update

I am working on the Unitree Go 1 Edu version. I was trying to update the robot firmware for working with the unitree_legged_sdk and unitree_ros2real packages. Unfortunately after installing the CoH019_35.bin.zip and Go1_2022_05_11_e0d0e617.zip, the bot is behaving erratically. For example, it stopped standing up after booting, and when in the prone state, it will not switch to walking. The remote controller commands are not working as expected, and sometimes the bot will throw its legs and fall down. Is there a way I can reset the bot to factory settings?

Dear @sayeedmd320,

We have mentioned in our docs to not upgrade the firmware as it may render the GO1 unusable and should not be done unless instructed so, as some of the GO1 hardware are tied to the specific firmware versions.

I can now suggest to revert to the previous firmware if possible, you can enter the open-source GO1 slack community and find the firmware releases in there that you can try and flash to recover the original settings, also the community members have alot of experience in this procedure, so inquiring there would also be a good idea!