[Unitree Go1] Edu | Changing autostart program

we bought a GO1 EDU and after some time we figured out everything regarding coding and making our own programs.

At the moment we can start a program with the remote PC and the GO1 will run it. We want to remove this step so that you can boot the GO1 and it will use our code. (For example, replace “Dance1” with our own dance or add more Key-Combinations with new functions).

We have searched for quite a while on where to save our program or what code to edit but could not find any information.
Is anyone able to help us and give us some advice?

Dear Elton,

This is an interesting question usually, you have you can overwrite heir routines that are running. Just to be sure we will contact unitree and get back to you.

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are there any updates?
It would suffice if you (or someone else) could point me to the folder path of the GO1 where I can change the routines. I have looked for it but could not find anything.

Dear @ELTon
According to Unitree you can create an upstart job for your program so that it should run on the robot when it starts and by creating a service you should be able to run different custom functions using the RC of the robot.