[Unitree A1] OS Image Handling

I have Unitree A1 Explorer version with Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX. Are there pre-built images for both Mini PC (UP-CHT01) and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit, or should I configure both machines from scratch if I want to upgrade Ubuntu? For example, I have Ubuntu 18.04 & ROS Melodic installed on Nvidia and would like to try Ubuntu 20.04 & ROS Noetic and if possible upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 & ROS2 Humble (ROS Melodic has expired and Noetic expires in May 2025).

In addition, I wanted to ask what is the recommended process to extract images from Nvidia Jetson NX Development Kit or play images on Nvidia Jetson NX Development Kit without access to hardware (Nvidia is mounted in robot and I cannot access SD card).

Thanks in advance

Dear @PSotir,

Currently, I am not aware of any pre-built images for the unitree A1 and I would warn against modifying or changing the either atom PC or the Nvidia as it will most likely result in the A1 being bricked (especially the Atom PC/Pi).

I would advise mounting a separate PC e.g. Nvidia on top of the A1 to communicate with it. Also please note that the Nvidia itself cannot be upgraded more than Ubuntu 20.04 as its kernels are not supported as of 06.Oct.2023.

If you want to work directly on the A1, I would advise developing on the Nvidia board. Furthermore, you can use docker to use the lastest ROS distributions with the A1 but please note, to my knowledge the A1 drivers, etc. are supported till ROS Noetic, so any further development would require you porting the Noetic drivers to Humble etc.

Cloning can be damaging if distrupted and again can result in losing functionalities or bricking the A1 if not done correctly. You can use clonezilla or dd for cloning and it should work for both the Nvidia the Atom.

Thanks for the information.

But how do I change the boot options on Nvidia so that I can boot from a Clonezilla Live USB stick, for example?

The procedure is long, so I would advise checking and following existing blogs on Nvidia support forums on the how to’s