[Unitree A1] Nvidia Jetson Xavier

Guys, if you have Unitree A1. Then I’m interested in whether there is an Nvidia Jetson Xavier in your robot? If so, I have a few questions for you. Can you please send iso/image of your jetson and a photo with the location of the parts inside the robot? I’m wondering exactly where the graphics card is in it.

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the QUADRUPED A1 can be purchased in two options:

  1. QUADRUPED A1 Basic: QUADRUPED A1 Vierbeiniger Roboter | QUADRUPED Robotics, 12.500,00 €
    Having a Atom or RPi (Depends on the manufacturing year) for third party programming

  2. QUADRUPED A1 Explorer: QUADRUPED A1 Vierbeiniger Roboter | QUADRUPED Robotics, 14.500,00 €
    Having a NVIDIA NX equipped

The location is vertical inside the robot with the ports facing to the air.

Thanks for your reply.

  1. Please send a photo from above, I want to see the location of the ports on the robot.
  2. Could you please send an iso/image of your Jetson (video card).

Hi, please find several pictures in the product description or one below. The first ports is the low level controller and the back ones are the NVIDIA. From outer looking you won’t recognize a different between Basic & Explorer because the carrier baord is the same.

Unfortunately as I know we can only flash the image in our facility and can’t provide it generally.