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[Unitree A1] move base navigation parameters

Hi all,

Has anyone experimented with running move_base with the mbs_unitree_ros high level node?

I’m sending out commands to cmd_vel topic, and I’m using DWAPlannerROS at the moment. There are some room for configuring it for the A1 robot, and I’m specifically trying to tune the min/max velocity parameters, e.g.

max_vel_x: 0.17
min_vel_x: -0.1
max_vel_y: 0.1
min_vel_y: -0.1
max_vel_trans: 0.17
min_vel_trans: -0.17
max_vel_theta: 0.2
min_vel_theta: -0.2

These are values that seem sensible, but I can’t seem to really dial it in. Any help would be appreciated.

Dear @nhooram,

I suggest configuring the move_base parameters via the rqt_reconfigure. Once you are satisfied with the motion, you can save it as the default.

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