Unitree A1 Motor replacement

Hi everyone.
I am looking for replacement motor for Unitree A1. Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Tarik,

thanks for your message - We have a few on stock: QUADRUPED A1 Smart Actuator, 800,00 €

As you know Unitree stopped selling A1 robots. Therefore we look for some alternatives. Furthermore, I have difficulty in understanding the enermous price increase for A1 motors/batteries and other components. Price increase is much more than %50.
Thank you for your attention.

HI Tarik,

unfortunately I can’t provide any details on the price increase - I would say it is due to inflation, semiconductor shortage, raw materials are getting more expensive etc.

As alternative I could recommend the QUADRUPED Go1 - It has great capabilities and have already done a lot of projects with it: https://docs.quadruped.de/

Thank you for the info.