[Unitree A1] Fully Hard-resetting


I was wondering if it were to be possible to fully hard-reset the software on the [Unitree A1]. After physically taking apart the board and removing connections, and after putting everything back together, the robot no longer stands up after initiating startup. Before replacing physical components on the robot, I would want to exhaust all alternatives in terms of software errors first.

Thank You
Paris A.

Dear @parisA,

A complete hard reset usually only requires re-burning the firmware into the atom/pi board of the A1. However, please note that the firmware for A1 is usually batch-specific and we do not have the firmware for all the batches of the A1.

After reconnecting everything and provided the software is exactly the same then the A1 should work normally. If that is not the case, then it might be due to loose wiring and/or shot circuit which we cannot confirm.

Usually, dealing with the hardware incase of Unitree robots is more easier than the software. In our experience for most cases if the A1 is not standing up, then the manufacturers recommend replacing the entire part i.e. MCU, Nvidia, Leg, etc.