[Unitree A1] A1 motor driver issue

Hi everyone,
I was working with unitree A1 in low level mode when the robot motors stopped moving.
they are no longer moving at all, even after restarting.
I have checked and there isn’t anything weird when I am moving them by hand, so I think it is a driver issue rather then a motor issue.
It happend when I tried changing the motor mode via low level commands, I think the motor driver might be corrupted. btw the green led on the motor is blinking normally every 3 seconds.
I have tried connecting directly to the motor using an rs485 to usb adapter, and running the motor_tools provided here:
there is no response and the motors are not being recognized as connected. is there any other tool I can use?

Dear @guyo

Please make a video of the motor when you are trying to use rs485 with the motor to our support email address(support@mybotshop.de) so we can have a closer look at the problem.

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