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UArm Camera Trouble

After multiple configuration attempts with the robot’s camera I was unable to produce any results. It seems to be lacking the configiuration driver for its control via computer. Please see attached as I need to understand how to achieve full functionality before I am to purchase two more of these models.
Thanks Giuliano Fattorini

Dear Giuliano,

thanks for your post and I’m sorry for hearing you are having issues with the cam.

Could you please try to explain what you have already done, what you are getting and which result are you expecting.

Thanks in advance :robot:

I screwed on the camera, I connected the wires in the slots to the robot, however on the control screen of the robot no image appears. I am unable to configure it.

OpenMV camera only works with OpenMV IDE( Download | OpenMV )
Please try to download the OpenMV IDE, and then try to configure it again.

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