[Turtlebot4] Oakd topics missing on workstation but seen on turtlebot4 rapsberry pi device

I am working with turtlebot4 on an object detection project. I want to access its oak-d camera on my workstation.

The issue I face is, when I do ros2 topic list on my workstation, the camera topics - turtle1/oakd/rgb/preview/image_raw and turtle1/oakd/rgb/preview/camera_info does not show up. That is the oakd node is not active on my workstation.

But, when I ssh into the rapsberrypi of the turtlebot4 and do ros2 topic list, the above two camera topic shows up and oakd node is active.

I have attached screenshots of both the terminal windows. (workstation and rapsberrypi)

Some information about my setup:
My workstation runs Ubuntu 22.04 and ROS2 Humble version.
Network setup between my robot and workstation is WiFi with 5GHz.
Simple Discovery connection with CycloneDDS
RMW_IMPLEMENTATION = rmw_fastrtps_cpp

Your help to understand and debug my issue is much appreciated.
Thank You!


Dear @Anish,

You are connecting to the Tutrlebot via LAN or WiFi. Also what is the configuration of your DDS for both the Turtlebot and your workstation?

Hi Sohail,

Its via WiFi and I am using Simple Discovery connection with CycloneDDS.
RMW_IMPLEMENTATION = rmw_fastrtps_cpp

Large topics such image streams and point cloud struggle to get sent via the default configuration of the DDS over WiFi. Also, your DDS is mismatched. rmw of cyclone should be selected. Please try connecting with LAN cable or a much more powerful WiFi module. Otherwise you may try configuring the DDS for unicast to a single device which should also solve the issue.