[Turtlebot4 Lite] Issue of the starting

I am informing you that I have an issue with my TB.
It doesn’t want to start. After plugging it into the charger, the light stays red for a few hours.
To solve the problem, I open the Create 3, unplug the battery, and plug it back in.
The first time this happened when the battery was at 0%, so it stopped, and when I put it to the charger, the red light remains for several hours.
Could you explain me why and what I should do?


Dear @Raoui,

This might be some power issue in the TB4. I’ll contact Clearpath and put you into CC.

S. O. Sohail

The turtlebot4 starts normally. I tried some programs, it doesn’t show any issue. What could be the reason of that ?

I am not sure, I have contacted Clearpath on the matter with you in CC. It might be an intended feature, but we will have to wait for their reply and see.