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Turtlebot3, one motor not working

we have just received a turtleboot3, we have installed the software but one of the motor is not working, we have swapped the motors connection on the driver , but the problem remain related with the same motor.
Do you have any suggestion?

Dear augusto,

could you please download the Arduino IDE, go to Examples - OpenCR - Dynamixel Workbench - Find_Dynamixels run the script and send us the output.

Thanks :robot:

I have followed the steps you have suggested, but seems that scripd don’t see anythink.

let me know what I should check

Dear augusto,

thanks a lot!

Do you’ve connected both dynamixels or just the fault one? Please make sure you’ve attached the power supply as well.

Both motors were connected but the problem seems to be the comunication with arduino IDE
we have done a further test with motors internal encoder, and I can succesfully read the encoder position of both motor, however on one motor, the motion control comand was not activating the motor, the other one was working.
We are quite sure that the problem is the motor. The driver board seems to be ok. Let me know if you can replace the motors.

Dear Augusto,

please contact us via email to info[at] to get a RMA no. We will check the motor and replace it.

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