Turtlebot3 burger battery removal

I have assembled my turtlebot3 burger now according to Manual but I don’t see how I should be able to remove the battery without using a screwdriver.
In the Manual at page 4 D.1 there are clear instructions on how remove battery without screwdriver however on page 19 second layer assembly you have clear instructions to nail screws into top wheel/engine.

Also the video here follows the same steps.

Have I assembled the bot wrong or do I have to use screwdriver to remove battery?


Dear Can,

in my opinion the easiest way to remove the battery is to dismount the Brackets on the backside
and extract the battery between the two spacers. In that case you should be able remove the battery without using a screwdriver.

Have a nice weekend and lot of fun working on your TB3 :robot:

That is a good idea :slight_smile: