[Turtlebot 4 Lite] Can't find the IP address of the

I bought recently A Turtlebot4 Lite. I have a problem in the networking. I entered the WIFI name and passwd to the robot. After that, I am unable to ssh to the robot. Also I cannot have the adress IP of the robot. What Can do ?

Hi @Raoui,

I am assuming you are following this guide. Once you have put the router and password on first connect to the turtlebot and configure the WiFi; it should connect to that router and then you have to connect to the same router. The IP as mentioned would be displayed on its screen, alternatively, you can run

nmap -sP <###.###.###.*>

on your router’s IP to find TB4’s IP e.g. if my IP was, I would run

nmap -sP 192.168.0.*

and from there deduce the IP of the TB4. If the WiFi Name or Password is incorrect then you’d have to access it again to configure it correctly.

Hi @Sohail
Can I have a telephone or video call with you ?

Hi @Raoui,

It would be beneficial for everyone that we can resolve it in the forums, however, if no progress is made that we can move over to a call!

Ok. How can I reconfigure the Wifi Name and the IP address. I can’t use ssh because I don’t know the IP address of the Raspberry?

Dear @Raoui,

you could may check the IP Address in your Router/Network to which the robot is connected to?

Yes, I do hostname -I
It gives me
What should I do after ?

What do you mean? You can simply go through the docs now: Basic Setup · User Manual Or do I misunderstood anything?

In my first connection, I tape:

source /opt/ros/humble/setup.bash
export RMW_IMPLEMENTATION=rmw_fastrtps_cpp
export ROS_DOMAIN_ID=0
ros2 topic echo /ip

which is used for **humble**.

But my PC terminal has **galactic**, so when I tape r**os2 topic echo /ip,** I can't have the IP of the client.

This is the result of the command
raoui@raoui:~$ ros2 topic echo /ip
WARNING: topic [/ip] does not appear to be published yet
Could not determine the type for the passed topic

Ok your ip is

Now on your host PC run

sudo nmap -sP 192.168.1.*

Note: The above command is case sensitive!

This will provide you with all IPs connected to your network! You can switch off the TB run the this command to note the IPs of the different networks then turn on your TB and the new IP that you see will be of the TB. You can then ssh into it with password and username according to what been set

ssh -X <TB_user_name>@192.168.1.<TB_ip_address>


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