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Turtlebod3 Waffle PI doesn't work

I assembled the Turtlebod 3 and the remote controll but I can’t start the BOD

The blue light of the controller flickers but the blue licht on the Turtle doesn"t flicker.
I think the open CR board doesn’t work

Dear John,

thanks for your topic.

Could you please tell me what you’ve done?

  1. Which RPi Image are you using?
  2. Which Arduino Sketch you’ve flashed on the OpenCR?
  3. What do you mean with BOD?

I doen’t have a RPi used
I just assembled the Turtlebof based on the manual and I want to use the remote controll to let it run
Also I didn’t flashed an Ardiuno Sketch on the OpenCR

The BOD is the Turtlebod 3

Dear John,

i think thats the problem. First of all you have to setup everything. You have to flash the image on the SD Card for the RPi and have to flash the sketch on the OpenCR. Afterwards you will be able to run the Teleop Mode and control the TB3 by the remote controller. All details step by step can be found under the following link:

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