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Sabertooth 60amp malfunction

I have a problem with my sabertooth 2x60amp. I have 4wd rc-mower project and finally i managrd to test drive my mower drivemotors and sabertoohts functions.
System is 24v and 4 wheel chair motors and fly sky transmitter and receiver.
Fist test worked fine (about 10 meters testdrive) second time it dit not work so vell. Forward i runs somehow but reversing was strugling.
I made test with smaller motors and find out that other directions motors run well but opposide direction there comes malfunctions. Approximately half speed its starts constantly change the rotation direction. And i dit try to speed up a bit or full accelerate it will rotate opposide direcrtion what was direction at stat point but not full speed ( about 2/3 of full speed)
So what could be happened. How can i fix the problem. My sabertooth is about 2months old and just week a go had first test drive.

I have other mower where i have 2 motors and sabertooth 2x32amp and it works fine :slight_smile:

Dear Machata,

thank you very much for opening a topic. Do you have some more pictures? Could you please post them below as well?

I dit try to add some more but can not add more than one

Controller was attached top of the mower for test drive

this was testing

Dear Machata,

thanks for the additional pictures.

Do you’ve already visited the troubleshooting guide: Basic Troubleshooting for Motor Drivers

@DESupport Could you please assist Machata? Thanks in advance!

The burn mark on the Sabertooth M2A output is concerning. This indicates it took a short from the B+ terminal. We would not recommend having Sabertooth mounted in the manner as shown in the pictures, as this can lead to shorts. It’s also possible, taking into account your description of the operation, that your battery supply and/or battery disconnect switch, fuse, etc. are under-sized. Either of these can cause firmware or hardware damage to the Sabertooth.

If the damage is limited to firmware, you can attempt to re-set the Sabertooth with DEScribe software:

If the reset does not solve the issue, then the Sabertooth can be evaluated/repaired by the manufacturer.

Now i see there is mark top of the skrew.

It supposed to be just short test drive to make sure the system works before i sent the deck to be painted and continue to manufacture the frame.

I don’t have that kind of cable what have to use for resetting the sabertooth.

Ques have to find it from somewhere.

I had 60 amp fuse right next to battery and that switch is 80amp switch. Those where nice and tight.

so then there have been happenet short for somehow and that brocke something. If i cat get the cable or if reset is not helping, where to send that sabertooth to be repared and is there any estimate how much in can be cost?

The 60A fuse and 80A switch are not compatible with the dual 60/120A Sabertooth. You need at least 250A.
If you cannot reset the Sabertooth, contact Dimension Engineering for a return number, Dimension Engineering - contact us
Repairs are no charge for items within the warranty period.

I ordered that usb- ttl cable, so i will test resetting sabertooth first and if it is not solution then i will cotavt Dimension Engineering for a return number.
Thanknyou for these advices

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