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Sabertooth 2x32 - short circuit

I make remote control lawnmwer on base Sabertooth Dual 2x32A/6-30V motor driver and I unhappily had bad experience.

All it was ok, when I connected battery (24V lithium ion) with motor driver and two dc motor (wiper motors for truck) connected at metal frame - without sprockets, chains and wheels.

After that, I connected sprockets, chains and wheels at metal frame and then was smoking from motor driver and both DC motors - maybe short circuit. Sabertooth 2x32A did not survive. frowning_face

**Maybe it shold have ground: minus wire (-) of battery connected at metal frame and also minus the power supply terminal (-) of motor driver connected at metal frame? **

Setting deep switch Usb Sabertooth 2x32 was for RC mode: 1 off, 2 on, 3 off, 4 off, 05 on, 6 on.

RC transmitter and receiver - Realy HT -10 (Tank mode - 2 and 3 channel).

If someone have a suggestion or experience for safety and correct connection motor driver with dc motors, sprockets, chain and wheels I would be grateful.

In attach files is pictures of my project.

A chassis (frame) ground is not normally recommended. One can certainly be used if care is taken, but it is not necessary, and further, would not have prevented the smoke occurrence.

Smoke means the Sabertooth has taken an active short and will need to be repaired. It can then be determined from where in the circuit the short originated from.

Pictures of your wiring may be helpful to see, as well as a wiring diagram with component specifications.

Contact Dimension Engineering Support for repair:

Did you sort this out. I’ve just bought 2x 32a sabertooth rc receiver and transmitter with crystals. Two wheelchair motors 250watt (450watt under strain) 4mph max. Any advice greatly received.

Dear all,

the Processor chip shorted/burnt. This is most often caused by a ground short, or ground loop in the circuit. Ground loops should be investigated and eliminated before a new Sabertooth is installed in the circuit.

The controller was returned to the original shipping address.

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