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Robodog wiring Actuators


i am a student from the Hochschule Anhalt in Germany. Some other guys and me want to build a four legged robot. We decided to choose the CubeMars Robot Dynamics AK10-9 Aktuator for our Project. For each leg we need three actuator, which means at the end we need twelve motors. We want to connect all actuators in parallel and each actuator has a nominal current of 22A. I also know that I need an Anti Spark Switch to power on all the motors safely. Now I am a bit worried about the high Current in the system, because 12x22A=264A. Is there a smart solution to distribute the Current to each leg, and which connectors I can use because, the XT90 hold only I guess 90A.
Maby someone can helps me.

Greetings Dave

Dear Dave,

thanks for opening a topic and excuse me for our late reply. Due to some technical server issues it took some days to sort it out and solve the issue.

Concerning your project I’m still thinking about using several Holybro PM07 Power distribution modules and stack them. Every Board can control a current of up to 120A - Because its a multilayer PCB just one Port could cover this current (Depending on the cross section of the cable)

I’ve add the ports, where a or several motors can be connected with red arrows.

So all in all I would recommend taking 4 x PM07 (For each leg one) and stack them on the top of each other.
For powering the PM07’s I would use several Lithium Ion Batteries.

Unfortunately for Anti-Sparking I don’t have any idea yet, but will ask a colleague and come back asap!

Have a nice week!

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