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Rfd868x not lichting up


Iam building a boat with pixhawk. Doe this reseon I ordered a rfd868x module. I have only a problem.
One is giving a blinking green light, the other one doesnt light up. Does anyone have expierience with it?
I only used the delivered usb cable, which should be fine to change the settings. You can see the video what i did in attachment.
Thanks in advanced!

Dear Tomyy,

excuse me for having issues with our products.

The most likely case is that your modem has lost its firmware or that it has a damaged regulator. To test if the firmware needs reloading please short the number 9 (right most) pad to the shield while you plug in the modem. If this causes the modem to shine a solid red LED then you can load the firmware again using the modem tools. If the modem does not light up then most likely the modem regulator is damaged. In this case you will need to either send it back to us for assessment and attempted repair or to order a replacement unit. As a note the regulator is very sensitive to overvoltage so it is important to check that the supply is capable of suppling the required voltage and current 5V 1A for peak operation and that it does not generate transient voltage spikes, as these can damage the modem regulator

Have a nice day and please stay safe :robot:


I tested it, dont make any difference. Its still not lighting up. I only used the usb cable to power it up, strange that one module is working, other not. How do you want that i send it that you can check it out?

Kind regards

Dear Tomyy,

could you please write us a short email so I can send you a RMA Form & No?

Thanks in advance :robot:

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