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Raspberry Pi 4 2GB does not boot

Hi, I’ve just purchused 3 turtlebots burgers and the raspberry pi.
Unfortunetly, one of the pi seems broken and is not booting.

· Which Image you have downloaded
Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS (RPI4/400)
· How you have flashed
Raspberry pi Imager v1.7.2
· Is the screen/LEDs showing anything?
Red LED is on, but the green light is not.
There is no output on the screen.

I’ve reinstalled the Raspberry Pi bootloader, however, I get red screen not green.
I’ve tested the same micro SD card, HDMI with other pi’s and they all work as expected.

Judging from this, I think the raspberry pi is broken but please let me know if there is a fix.
Otherwise if you can let me know what the replacement procedure is (do I need to send back all of the turtlebot or can I just replace the raspberry pi) that would be great.


Dear Riku,

sorry for our late reply - We are still figuring out with ROBOTIS how to check/exchange the RPi. From our side, it is not needed to ship the whole kit back.

Sorry for any inconveniences and we will come back asap!

Hi, I’m wondering if there are any updates?
Kind regards

Dear Riku, I’m sorry for taking so long! We will send ROBOTIS a kind reminder again! Try to find a solution until tomorrow! Sorry for any inconveniences!

@riku, we have contacted you via email :slight_smile:

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