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Radial Movement in DYNAMIXEL XM540-W270-R


First post in this forum! I am using the DYNAMIXEL XM540-W270-R and had to attach a gear to the horn via an adapter. When attached the gear adapter assembly including the horn deflect / move when loaded. The spec says it’s rated for a 40N load at 10mm. my guess is that I am exceeding that load. Can this cause immediate failure or is just bad for the life of the motor / gearbox? is the best way to mitigate it just to support the gear adapter assembly with an external bearing?


Dear all,

thanks for your opening a topic!

ROBOTIS has figured out the described problem some time ago, therefore the have developed some kind of bearing which will be mounted between the horn and the gear and should reduce the axial load. The product is called EPX540: EPX540-BR101 Set > Mechanics | ROBOTIS

Please feel free to contact us directly via email if you have any inquiries/questions concerning this product:

Wish you a lot of fun with your project :robot:

thanks so much! do you know / have a spec sheet with the radial load? it’s not on the drawing.

Dear all,

unfortunately we are not having any official information yet, but I would expect a radial load of 1,5-2 times of the DYNAMIXEL itself. As soon as we’ve got any official, I will post it here!

Have a nice weekend ahead! :robot:

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