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Question about the school project

I have the Protoneer RPI-CNC-Board (v2.60) and the CNC bridge for external drivers (v2.01) and want to control three stepper motors of a milling machine. I also use the external driver you suggested. While looking for external drivers while looking for a hardware solution, I came across the school project in this forum. The attached picture-1 shows, among other things, the wiring of the connections DIR to DIR and PUL to STEP. Am I correct if the reverse is the case for my hardware versions?

Does he still correctly connect the “ENABLE” signal between the board and the external driver?

In picture-2, my CNC board can be blessed with the bridge attached. Is the bridge properly aligned?

I would be very grateful if you could help me.


Dear @Gurk,

excuse me for our late reply.

I’m sorry you are right, the shematic is wrong. As you have already said the first Pin of your CNC Hat is DIR which have to go to DIR from the Stepper-Driver. And the second pin STEP to PUL/STEP of the Controller.

Please feel free to ask if anything is unclear :robot:

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