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Problem with communication to XL430-W250-T and 2XL430-W250-T

Dear Support-Team,

I have a couple of XL430-W250-T and 2XL430-W250-T and would like to connect them to the U2D2 + PHB Board from the Dynamixel Starter Set. If I connect one servo at a time using TTL, the Dynamixel Wizzard can connect to the servo and everything works fine.
If I connect two servos to the board, only one will be detected and the Wizzard displays an error like “I[D 001]: ERROR”.
Also if I try to connect two servos via daisy chain, I get the same error message.
I set the scan range of the Wizzard to 8. So normally I would expect the servos to be found.
Please give me a hint what the problem might be.
My target ist to connect 2 x XL430-W250-T and 3 x 2XL430-W250-T to the board which means 8 servos in total.

Thanks in advance,

Dear Dirk,

thanks for your topic.

It seems you didn’t changed the ID of the Dynamixels. All actuators are having the ID1 when they are coming out of the factory. To build a daisy chain you have to set every Dynamixel to a unique ID e.g. 1-8. Please connect each actuator to your U2D2 and set the ID with the SDK. Afterwards connect all together and they should show up!

Hope this helps, otherwise please let us know :wink:

thank you for the quick answer. I’m on vacation for the next two weeks but will then try your recommendation. It seems very likely that it will do the trick, I’ll let you know.

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