Problem with basic operation 8.2.1 keyboard

I am trying to run the turtlebot 3 (waffle pi) with the keyboard as shown in 8.2.1 (turtlebot 3 instructions)
started roscore on remote pc
started bringup launch file on turtlebot
started teleop launchfile on remote pc
Turtlebot 3 is not responding

From the screenshot you shared I assume that every connection is established between the PC and Robot. Can you please confirm the status of other commands you have run?

Also can you please share (commands for robot and PC) how you configure network communication between the robot and remote PC?

I did follow the setup instructions of the turtlebot manual. From my understanding communication between turtlebot and remote pc is setup properly. Is there a command how I can test it?

Have you completed this setup?

Please follow the following steps and let me know the output:

Check out this tutorial.

Run roscore on remote PC

On turtlebot3 run publisher from the above mentioned tutorial.

On remote PC run the subscriber from the above mentioned tutorial.

here in this example you can examine if the data is exchanged over the network or not?

Now it works. I did not setup the IP addresses for turtlebot3 and remotepc correctly.